For those interested parties who were not able to attend AnDevCon in San Francisco Nov. 13-15, my presentations and demo code can be found at the links below.

A Deep Dive into RenderScript

RenderScript is a computing platform available in Android starting at API 11.  It has since been added to the support library for devices starting at API level 8.  This this class we cover some background, how to write RenderScript and even some internals.  The demo code is a Mandelbrot fractal generator and is also used to gather performance numbers between Java, multi-threaded Java, RenderScript, native and multi-threaded native implementations.

You can find the presentation and demo code here.


Exploring SDK Add-ons and Extras for Devices

SDK add-ons provide a mechanism for OEMs to support their value added features for end developers in an extensible way.  Additionally, 3rd party software providers can provide SDK extras to developers to leverage their features and functions.  Some great examples of these are the HTC Sense SDK and Google AdMob.  In this class we cover the details of SDK add-ons and extras, how to create platform SDK add-ons and how to make these available to developers for easy integration into the Android SDK.

You can find the presentation and demo code here.