As Google IO is now on the horizon there are rumors that Key Lime Pie – Android 5.0 will be introduced to the world at that time.  Google has announced the dates for Google IO which is from May 15th to May 17th 2012.  Some of the rumors floating around for Key Lime Pie include:

 Video Chat – Today’s smartphones include front facing camera and require third party software such as GTALK, Skype, Qik, etc for video chatting.  It is anticipated that Key Lime Pie will include application to support video chatting much like FaceTime from Apple.
Improved Battery Life – As Android platforms move to quad core and beyond,  power management becomes extremely important as these platforms require more power when running.  It is anticipated that Key Lime Pie will include major improvements in power management in order support these new high performing platforms.
Improved Performance – Quad core platforms and beyond are on the map for Android.  In order to support these platforms the Android OS must be optimized to handle these high performing multi-core processors.  This may include changes to the Dalvik engine to efficiently support multicore processors. It is expected that there will be significant improvements to the UI.
Miracast – sharing your desktop, share you screen with a conference room projector, watch live programs from your home cable box are all possible with Miracast which appears to be big addition to Key Lime Pie.
Google Cloud – Google will continue push all aspects of Android towards the cloud, and it is believed they will blend Google TV, Android@Home, and the Android OS as a whole into one finely tuned machine.

What ingredients do you think should be included in the recipe for Key Lime Pie?