Supported Operating Systems for Custom Device DriverAs experts in driver development, the HiQES development team has extensive experience developing custom device drivers for the leading operating systems in the mobile and embedded space, including Windows, Windows Embedded, Linux, Android, VxWorks, Nucleus and other embedded and desktop operating systems.  HiQES develops for technologies such as wireless (802.11,802.15), USB,graphics, audio, and multimedia.

Our experts have developed drivers for every situation:

  • New hardware, including board bring up
  • Customization with new or proprietary features
  • Updates to support new specifications and hardware
  • Porting from one operating system to another
  • Porting between different host architecture platforms

We work with our customers, fostering their ideas and creativity to create customer device drivers and custom APIs which meet existing standards as well as pave the way for new, proprietary technologies.

Our custom device driver services include:

  • Android Consulting
  • Android Device Driver Development
  • Linux Consulting
  • Linux Device Driver Development
  • Windows Consulting
  • Windows Device Driver Development

A list of some of the custom device driver development we have completed follows:

Device Drivers

802.11 USB Graphics Audio Keyboard Power Mgt Touchscreen SPI RTC
Bootloader Flash Bluetooth Video Digital IO Sensors Multimedia CAN FPGA

Hardware Interfaces

Hardware devices interact with host platforms using a variety of different of different interfaces and busses. The HiQES driver development staff of experts has designed and developed drivers which utilize PCI, mPCI, PCIe, USB, IEEE1394, I2C, SPI, TDM, CAN and custom interfaces. In addition to the various hardware interfaces, different operating systems leverage device drivers by way of an internal software stack. While no two operating systems are exactly alike, the HiQES development team has the flexibility and know-how to develop and deliver high quality drivers on any operating system. Our team is well versed with driver development for Windows, Linux, Android, VxWorks, Nucleus and other desktop and embedded operating systems.

Device driver sample hardware interfaces


Please see our projects page for examples of projects we have completed.

Regardless of your custom device driver development needs, our team is able to provide you with exceptional quality and timely delivery. For a free estimate or to discuss the details of your device driver needs with one of our solutions architects please send an email with the details of your driver needs to