Larry Schiefer – Google Developer Expert

HIQES is proud to announce that our CTO Larry Schiefer is recognized by Google as a Google Developer Expert.

The Google Developer Experts (GDE) title recognizes the outstanding developers who exhibit great expertise in one or more Google technologies and share it with the developer community.  Larry is recognized by Google as an Android expert.

GDEs are gurus, mentors and evangelists; they create tutorials, code samples, and write books and blogs; they publish videos, drive community projects, and present at events large and small. These independent developers bring their real-world experience and knowledge working with Google technologies to developer communities worldwide.

Check out Larry’s Google+ page to see some of his extensive Android contributions.

GDE Contributions

GDEs aren’t just expert developers in a Google technology of their choice – they spend a lot of time and energy sharing their enthusiasm and expertise with their local communities.

Here are examples of activities that GDE program members participate in:

  • Create content (news articles, blogs, books, technical documentation, translation, etc.)
  • Give talks at local and global events, in-person and online
  • Create videos, podcasts, and screencasts
  • Help developers on community forums (Google Groups, Stack Overflow, etc.)
  • Write code (open source projects, code samples, etc.)
  • Run community events, online or in-person (user and developer groups, hackathons, code labs, etc.)
  • Share their knowledge (tutorials, step-by-step guides, pro tips, etc.)
  • Submit detail-rich and relevant bug reports