Android, Linux, iOSAt the core of mobile devices and embedded systems is the underlying operating system and its required support for the hardware in which it is run. This low level support, including bootloaders, drivers and middleware, is critical to the optimal operation of consumer, enterprise and industrial devices. Our development services staff members are industry experts in drivers, board support packages, middleware, application development as well as core operating system support for Android, Linux, iOS, Microsoft Windows  mobile and embedded systems. Our Android consulting and development teams have years of experience working with Android at the platform level as well as the Linux kernel and device drivers with multiple SoC and silicon vendors. In addition to platform HiQES development teams can provide you with Android app development services.  These are critical assets when bringing a new device to market. In addition to bringing this exciting operating system to life on your device, we can help you extend the platform for your device in ways only you can imagine while keeping your device Android CDD compliant.  We will work with your developers, ODMs or EMSs to help you successfully bring you product to market. Please see our projects page for examples of projects we have completed. Contact us for all your Android, Linux, iOS, mobile and embedded systems consulting and development needs.