HiQES developers have worked on a wide variety of projects supporting Universal Serial Bus (USB) products. Our USB driver development team has experience with a wide range of USB devices, from low speed devices to the latest wireless, super speed and USB On The Go (OTG) hardware.  Our experiences include drivers, device firmware as well as user space/application access to USB devices.

 USB Device Driver Development

HiQES developers have provided device driver development services and custom firmware support for USB  driver development for over a decade. Our engineering experts can help you to create USB device drivers for all supported versions of Android, Linux, MacOS X, VxWorks, QNX as well as other embedded and desktoop operating systems.

HiQES continues to provide robust solutions for various types of USB devices by providing USB device driver development and USB firmware development services to our customers. We stay on top of the most current developments in USB technology, from IEEE 802.11 wireless adapters to USB OTG support. Our experience includes the following types of USB products:

  • Human Interface Device (HID) and custom input devices
  • Keypads
  • Parallel and serial ports
  • Audio and video capture
  • Cameras
  • Network and wireless
  • Portable music devices / players
  • Scanners
  • OTG host/peripheral controllers
  • Storage devices
  • Custom device classes
  • Filter drivers
  • DirectShow USB source filters