About Us – Welcome To HIQES

Founded in 2012, HiQES, LLC was started with a simple goal: create high quality software products and provide exceptional consulting services for our customers which exceeds their expectations. The founders were frustrated with the industry standard “get it out the door” attitude, resulting in dissatisfied customers that received unacceptable applications which were poorly developed. Our primary goal is reflected in our name: High Quality Exceptional Solutions – HIQES. This is what we are about. We believe in designing and creating intelligent solutions to solve today’s complicated problems, leveraging the combined IQ of our customers and our staff of experts to provide exceptional solutions. This high-IQ based development model is the key to both our and our customers’ success.

Our founders have over 40 years combined experience with exceptional quality software , including both application development consulting services and product development. The company specializes in mobile and embedded software solutions. Our focus is to help our customers improve their products, shorten their development time and to be an instrumental member of their team in order to get their products to market with unmatched expediency and quality.


Our Company Mission
Our company mission is simple:  Provide the highest quality software that meets our customers project requirements in the shortest amount of time.
The HIQES Philosophy
Our philosophy is to provide the best possible consulting services to our customers to insure that they are completely satisfied and will return to us for their future development needs.
The HIQES Promise
Our promise to our customer is that we will always provide the best solution to solve their development challenges with the best resources we have that meet the need.
Our Track Record
HIQES has a history of delivering projects on time for our customers. We can implement agile or waterfall project methodologies to match your project needs.

Our Skills

  • Android Application Development

  • iOS Application Development

  • Commerce Application Solutions

  • Training

Meet Our Team

Mike Browne
Mike BrowneCEO
With over twenty five years of experience in Software Engineering, Mike Browne is a dynamic engineering leader who possesses technical depth, demonstrated leadership abilities, and extensive product / project management expertise. He is a skilled problem solver who rapidly diagnosis systemic issues, and proposes cost-effective solutions that streamline efficiency, increase profitability, and demonstrate clear ROI. He is a financially savvy professional who ensures full alignment of technology with strategic business objectives. He is a trusted partner with executive leadership, a motivational team builder, coach, and mentor who works with top-performing global organizations.

Larry Schiefer
Larry SchieferCTO
Larry has nearly 20 years of experience in providing exceptional software and product solutions. His experience and knowledge transcends multiple technologies on diverse hardware and software platforms. Over the years, Larry responsibilities included managing, establishing and implementing effective development practices, training engineering and QA staff, and architecting and developing software solutions for new and emerging technologies.