HIQES Areas of Expertise

As experts in custom device  driver development, the HiQES development team has extensive experience developing custom device drivers for the leading operating systems in the mobile and embedded space, including Windows, Windows Embedded, Linux, Android, VxWorks, Nucleus and other embedded and desktop operating systems.  HiQES develops for technologies such as wireless(802.11,802.15), USB,graphics, audio, and multimedia.

Our experts have developed drivers for every situation:

  • New hardware, including board bring up
  • Customization with new or proprietary features
  • Updates to support new specifications and hardware
  • Porting from one operating system to another
  • Porting between different host architecture platforms

We work with our customers, fostering their ideas and creativity to create customer device drivers and custom APIs which meet existing standards as well as pave the way for new, proprietary technologies.

Android Driver Development

HIQES has been developing Android  device drivers since the Cupcake release of Android in 2009.  We can provide support from individual drivers through complete BSPs based on your needs for your products.Learn More

Windows Driver Development

HIQES has been developing device drivers for big Windows and Embedded Windows for over a decade.  Whether you need a set of individual drivers or complete BSPs developed we have the expertise to help you get your product to marketLearn More

Embedded Driver Development

HIQES can provide you with device driver development for your embedded system needs. We develop custom device drivers for your real-time embedded operating systems including embedded Linux, QNX, VxWorks.Learn More

HIQES Other Services

HIQES provides other services which compliment our application development life cycle including the following:

A critical part of the development process is the verification and validation of a project by an independent quality assurance (QA) team. The role QA plays in any project ultimately define the success or failure of the end product. At HIQES, we believe it is critical to engage the QA team early in the development process, regardless of the development methodology. This early involvement of the QA team in the project allows the QA team to be in touch with the customer project owners and the development team as soon as possible, resulting in a more coherent and efficient test and debug cycle.

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Project Managers play a critical role in the software development process. The role of the project manager (PM) is to plan, organize, secure, manage, lead, and control resources to ensure successful completion of our customer’s project. The HIQES project management team is available for your project needs, whether it is to take on the role of PM for your internal project or manage the HiQES engineering team developing your next product.

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Training your staff to perform development tasks that we do well is important to the future development and support of your products.  Our experience team of experts can provide training to your team during the hand-off of a project as well as general training for application development, device driver development and project management for multiple platforms.


Why Choose Us

  • Fully responsive to your development needs
  • Awesome application development that will showcase important content
  • Only experienced developers with proven expertise will work on your projects
  • Your projects will be delivered on time
  • We offer maintenance support because we care about your project as much as you do