The following is a small set of sample projects in which the HiQES team has been significant contributors to the overall success.

Mobile Hand-held Device (Android, Drivers)

We managed, architected and lead the development of an Android 2.3.4 (Gingerbread) based mobile hand-held device based on the Texas Instruments OMAP3 (AM3715). We worked closely with the customer to design the complete Android software stack solution to meet their requirements. Development included creation of customized bootloaders, kernel and Android support libraries for the platform.  This included a GPS virtual serial driver, audio driver, keypad driver, LED driver, specialized power management and the supporting middleware.


 VOIP Phone  (Android, Drivers, Applications)

We managed, architected and lead the development of an Android 2.2 (Froyo) based business telephone powered by a Marvell ARMADA (PXA16x) SoC.  We worked closely with the customer’s engineers to develop a solution which would integrate with their existing, proprietary VoIP telephone system. All telephone system interactions were performed using an Android service communicating with the existing business telephone system over 10/100 Ethernet and an on-board DSP over a serial TDM interface.  This project required the modification of the Android telephone stack: replacement of the default Radio Interface Layer (RIL) with a customized telephony implementation communicating with the previously mentioned service and customizing the underlying Phone and supporting classes. We created a system wide UI component which “owns” a portion of the bottom of the screen, allowing applications (Activities) to register buttons in which actions can be taken regardless of whether the Activity is at the top of the task stack. In addition, we modified the Android open source implementations of the Phone, Contacts and Launcher applications to meet customer requirements.  This involved removing some mobile specific functionality as well as extending functionality.  Finally, we created a number of custom applications and corresponding application widgets, enabling value added features such as visual voice mail, call center support and paging.


 Smart Phone  (Android, Applications)

This project involved application porting/development of Adobe’s Mobile Client (AMC) software for a Tier 1 wireless network operator to Android 1.5/1.6 (Cupcake/Donut).  Development included the creation of platform-specific layer APIs within AMC, running natively, which interface with Android’s Java side components which included the creation of numerous APIs in both Java and native code crossing the JNI boundary.  Development also included developing and debugging multiple threads and asynchronous notifications support required for Android to work with AMC, which expected to be single threaded. As a result of this project  a whitepaper describing the setup of Eclipse for simultaneous debugging of Android Java and native components was written and published in eWeek.


World Wide Data Acquisition System (Engineering/Program Management)

We managed a $25 million dollar project to develop and deploy real-time data acquisition systems throughout the world.   The data acquisition systems include custom high speed 24 bit A/D converters, precision timing systems and sophisticated communication systems.  The data was transmitted via satellite to a data center for analysis.  The project was managed by us and required close coordination between DARPA, United Nations and participation countries.


Process Improvements (ISO, CMMI)

We spearheaded companywide process improvements at two companies which included implementation of new tools such as Unanet Project and Resource Management Software, and JIRA defect management system. We utilized both CMMI 1.3 and ISO 9001 as the framework to develop / rework processes.